Semi-Rimless Glasses Lens Replacement

Each pair of glasses is backed by our One (1) Year Warranty, good for a one (1) time replacement of frames if they break.

  • Make the most out of your existing semi-rimless eyeglasses with's easy, hassle-free lens replacement program. We can replace eyeglass lenses to your brand-new prescription so that you get the perfect style and see clearly no matter what. All you have to do is send us your existing rimless eyeglass frames, and we'll get to work outfitting them with top-quality lenses equipped with your current RX. All of our prescription lenses undergo a precise inspection process, so you can be sure you'll get accurate, symmetrical and high-quality lenses with usability.t in a crowd.

  • What if your Prescription has changed and you just need new lenses?

    • You may use your existing frame to have new lenses installed whenever your prescription changes. Simply mail your existing frame to us along and fill out your new prescription information here.

      Upon arrival at our warehouse, we will inspect your current frame and if we believe we are not able to proceed with the order for any reason, we will call/email you to make arrangements for the shipping of the frame back, which will be at your own expense.

      For customers wishing to send us frames that are worn-out, please be aware that your existing frame may not withstand the pressure of having new lenses installed. Proceeding with new lens installation into an existing frame will be at the Customer's own risk.

    Order now and get a hard case with carabiner, a soft pouch, and a microfiber cloth for free.

    Prescription lenses included at no extra charge


    Choose your prescription type

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    Choose your tint type

    Choose your tint color

    Choose your light adjusting type

    Lens thickness

    How will you provide your prescription?

    Upload your prescription

    Pupillary Distance

    Progressive lens information

    OD (Right) Prescription

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    Prism Values

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    OS - Left

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