Lens Replacement for Glasses or Sunglasses

Give your favorite pair of prescription glasses (or sunglasses) a new lease of life with our lens replacement service starting from only$29 including lenses. All our lenses come with scratch-resistant and UV coating at no additional charge. Offering great value, this service is perfect for those looking to extend the life of their existing eyewear.

What type of frames do you want to replace lenses for? (Choose Below)


Di Caprio Prescription Glasses DC 176 Eyeglasses Frame - timetoshade






Replacing your lens is easy with these 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Choose the frame style you want to replace lens with.

(we can also replace sunglasses lenses, with or without prescription lenses, but they must not have a curvature or oversized lenses - please see the "What you should know" section below or contact us for more information if required)

Step 2

Enter your prescription and choose your lenses

(For Bifocals/progressives, please ensure the minimum height of your frame is 26mm)

Step 3

Pay for your order and send your frames to us via insured mail to:

P.O. Box 300440, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Please include your order number, name and address with your frame.

Step 4

We'll fit your new lenses, complete our quality control process and return your glasses to you within 7-21 business days.

What you should know...

  • Frame Condition - Frames must be in good original condition and not liable to break during the replacement process. Frames should not be adapted or repainted in any way.
  • Semi-Rimless/Rimless Frames - Semi-Rimless/Rimless frames must have at least one non-broken lens in order for lens to be replaced.
  • Curved Frames / Oversized Lenses - Unfortunately, we're unable to replace lenses on frames or sunglasses with a curvature or large lenses. Please contact us if you're unsure if your frame is suitable.
  • Bifocal/Progressive Lenses - If you're choosing to replace a lens from a frame with bifocal or progressive lenses, please ensure the minimum height of your frame is 26mm. Unfortunately we're unable to replace a lens from a frame with bifocal/progressive lenses if the height is less than this.
  • Risk - All lens replacements are done at the customers own risk. Please make sure your frames are sent to us via an insured method, we cannot be held responsible for frames lost in transit to us.
  • Please note - While we make every effort to ensure that all lens replacement orders are completed, there are occasions where we're unable to complete the replacement due to damage, brittle frames or a frame design that is not suitable for new lenses to be fitted successfully. In these cases we will contact you to advise you and return your frame and offer a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund postage fees.

If you feel your frames may not be suitable for lens replacement or would like advice on what to do with your frames, please contact us (include a picture of the frame if possible) and we'll be happy to assist you before you place your order.