You Don't Need A Prescription To Wear Glasses

September 18, 2019


Not everybody who wears glasses has a prescription. Lots of people choose to wear glasses as a fashion accessory, even if their vision is perfectly fine. You don't need prescription to wear glasses. Whether they are echoing hip-hop fashions from the '80s and '90s, the 1950's world of Mad Men, or hipster styles of the present, glasses are a vital addition to outfits for many individuals. Some people like to wear their non-prescription glasses as part of work outfits. Thick framed square or rectangular designs can look great alongside formal suits or blazers. For others, a pair of elegant designer glasses can be a nice counterpoint to a more laid back look. Many women also choose to wear non-prescription eyeglasses with long sweaters or chunky cardigans to create an indie or bohemian look that sets them apart from the crowd. Still, others seek to imitate the styles of celebrities. For example, you could go for the rimless look popularized by Steve Jobs, or retro styles inspired by Buddy Holly. Why not buy a pair to accessorize with your weekend wardrobe or to create your own style? With nonprescription glasses, designer frames can add an extra touch to any smart casual or evening look.



For other people, wearing glasses enhances their natural assets. can complement your facial features, accentuating your eyes, hair, cheeks, and mouth. Some people might feel that their natural features are framed best by glasses and putting on a pair gives them that touch of extra confidence.
There are also plenty of people who wear non-prescription computer glasses with an anti-reflective coating or tints, making it easier and more comfortable to use their screens for long periods. Whatever your reasons, you can choose a pair of non-prescription eyeglasses from the diverse collection we have at I love glasses.
We can provide you with high-quality designer glasses and ship them within a day. So feel free to experiment and see what you can come up with by adding glasses to your regular fashion rotation.



Your friend has incipient eyeglasses, and curiosity has gotten the better of you. You've never needed glasses and you wonder what it's relished to wear them. But after endeavoring on the flashy incipient specs, you feel disoriented, dizzy, or even get a headache. Your ocular perceivers have an arduous time focusing, even after you abstract the glasses. It seemed innocuous to wear your friend's incipient Prescription Glasses, but now you wonder if you've damaged your ocular perception. Can wearing glasses when you don't require them, or wearing someone else's prescription, ruin your vision?
You can relax. While wearing glasses when you don't require them may cause discomfort, it victoriously triumphed perpetually damage your vision. Wearing glasses doesn't transmute your ocular perception they victoriously triumphed emasculate your ocular perceivers or make them more vigorous. The congruous vigor lenses sanction your ocular perceivers to focus to provide more pellucid vision only while you're wearing them.

Should You Wear Glasses You Don't Need?

Though you acquired victory damage your ocular perceivers by wearing someone else's glasses, the erroneous prescription or even an incipient prescription in your glasses” may cause headaches, ocular perceiver strain, blurry vision, watery ocular perceivers, and dizziness. What causes these symptoms? Your ocular perceivers and encephalon ˜speak' to each other, and wearing a dyad of glasses made for someone else perplexes the message sent to your encephalon. Your retina optically discerns an image that is out of focus, blurry, and distorted as the rectification isn't congruous for your ocular perceives. Both your ocular perceives and encephalitic have to work harder, which causes ocular perceive strain and discomfort. The discomfort caused by wearing someone else's prescription will facilitate anon after you abstract the glasses.
Eyeglasses, whether prescribed or unprescribed, will not expedite the deterioration of your vision. Emasculating vision is something that transpires to all of us as we age, with or without corrective lenses. Likewise, you will not amend your ocular perceivers by wearing glasses. Glasses don't transmute your ocular perceivers - the lenses only bring the world into focus to sanction you to visually perceive limpidly while you are wearing them. You acquired victory's make your vision better or worse as a result of wearing glasses.
Wearing glasses when you don't require them will not damage your ocular perceivers, but there's no reason you should be uncomfortable if you acquired victory make a verbal expression with eyewear. If you optate glasses for fashion rather than for vision rectification, preserve yourself the headache and injunctively authorize your frames with Plano, or non-prescription lenses.

Can You Get Glasses Without a Prescription?


Yes, You can buy eyeglasses from online retailers that don’t require an ocular perceiver care provider’s prescription certification. The EyeGlass Numbers (EGNs) that are engendered by ILoveGlasses at-Office refraction error tests – Iloveglasses vision check are identically tantamount quantifications that make up a traditional eyeglass prescription to redress nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Since the test is self-administered (not performed by a medico), the results are not prescriptions. However, you can injunctively authorize eyeglasses online. We’ve even listed some of our favorite retailers below.

Utilizing your smartphone and either the VisionCheck you can obtain the numbers you require to buy those incipient eyeglasses without leaving the house. You can compare the results with your last prescription to optically discern if it is still precise or if your vision has transmuted since your last visited the ocular perceiver medico. With the astonishing cull, cost savings, and accommodation of buying online, why not test your vision from home and get yourself the most au courant set of glasses?


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