Why Should I Order My Glasses Online?

February 17, 2020

You've gone to your optometrist or eye health professional, had your or your child's annual exam, and now have your unique prescription. You step out of the testing room and into their eye glass display area and they are ready for you to choose your frames and make your purchase right away. They have a selection of frames. They have an associate ready to help. So you should just order your glasses now. Right? But you have heard people order glasses online these days. Should you consider this option?

You may wonder why you should bother ordering your eyeglasses online. What do I gain from waiting and heading to an eye wear website when I get home? Are savings part of the appeal of waiting? Let's discuss.

Why You Should Order Glasses Online

First off, you or your child might feel pressured to quickly decide on a frame after your appointment. Your busy schedule might be tight and you are running low on time, so you will feel pressure to just pick a frame and not waste more time. Not ideal. Or your child or teenager may already be feeling self-conscious about the whole experience, thinking all eyes are on them and everyone is expecting them to make a decision quickly. None of this lets you calmly make the decision that you will have to deal with for years ahead. Don't just settle for whatever is available in their display.

Save Precious Money and Time by Shopping from Home

Next, you have the simple freedom of shopping at home. You can save yourself from driving around, wasting time, going from one eye glass retailer to another. Just hop on to the website and browse through hundreds of frames in a variety of colors and all at your own pace, and when your schedule allows. Even while watching TV or before bedtime.

You can also let your kid browse on their own (or with their friends, whose opinions may mean more to them at this age), and they can then show you the frames and styles they prefer. They you can figure out what works best for their preferences as well as what their prescription demands.

Another bonus is taking advantage of online savings. We all love to save money. The doctor's selection might be right there, as soon as your consultation is over. But that doesn't mean they aren't overcharging you for this service. In fact, you can pretty much guarantee their prices are higher than what you will find when comparing shopping online.

When you surf and shop online, you can not only increase the selection you can browse through from a few dozen to literally hundreds of choices, but also increase the odds of finding lower prices or deals and promotions to save you some of your hard-earned money.

Do a search online for other retailers and compare prices and styles. Use some of the online methods to see which frame works for your face size and shape. Or browse through what your favorite celebrity is wearing and see if you can find frames that are similar. Your limit is really just your imagination with the selection available in the online world.

Also, by saving some money on your main pair of glasses, you have a little more financial freedom to look for a spare pair. We all have times where we have misplaced our glasses or outright just lost them. Or had them fall and crack or break and become unwearable. Why not take advantage of the online savings to get two pairs, and have a back up ready and waiting when you need it?

Or why not use the savings to get two styles of frames so you have options for whatever your mood happens to be each day? One pair for work, professional and matter of fact, and then a different pair for home, more fun and colorful. With lower prices, these options aren't just for the rich and famous.

Like most shopping done these days, ordering and purchasing eyewear online is gaining in popularity. The variety is as vast as can possibly be, so you don't feel like you are settling on just a few frames your doctor feels fit to carry. With delivery times super-fast these days, the wait can be even shorter than what your doctor's office can provide.

The bonuses of ordering your glasses online continue to increase. Why not take advantage of them and schedule your next eye health appointment so you can get a prescription and get to ordering your newest frames. In a matter of just a couple of weeks, your child's whole world can change, for the better. And that will make you both happy.

Surf our site to see the variety of styles and frames and colors we offer, to learn more about your eyes and the care they need and deserve, and even tips about dealing with your children when it is their time to get eye wear. We strive to be the one source for all of your eye needs, from shopping to advice and more. Contact our experts and we can help with it all. Break out of the pressure-filled, rushed and limited offerings and take control of your eye shopping experience. You and your family will definitely be happier with the results.

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