September 18, 2019

Saturday Night

If you're into vintage styling you'll love our frames that recreate trendy looks from the 50's, 60's and 70's with plenty of designs on our pages that have the thick-rimmed, double-bridged look of so many Saturday Night vintage glasses.

Also displaying distinctive vintage styling are Wayfarer Saturday Night glasses. Half-rimmed black glasses that mimic the browline were popular Wayfarer Saturday Night designs half a century or more ago. These men's glasses evoke a serious 1950's look, perfect for accessorizing your work wardrobe, or give a trendy 1960's look with sharp suits and Chelsea boots. Whatever era you want to summon up with your vintage glasses you'll love our great value prices and discounts.

Our easy to navigate website lets you put together your choice of frames and lenses in a matter of minutes. All of our designing and production is carried out in-house, letting us bring you fabulous customized Saturday night glasses at great modern prices.

night fever


Women with a serious vintage habit will love our pick of Saturday Night cat eye glasses,Saturday Night Butterfly eyeglasses. The distinctive sweep upwards of their frames perfectly mimics vintage eyeliners and false eyelashes. These statement designs work just as well with office wear as with your cocktail dressing and black tie gowns.

Aviator glasses for Saturday night first appeared in the 1930's and are still going strong today, giving a trendy frame for vintage sunglasses that work well for both men and women.

However, the flower power era of the 60's and 70's is more your period then round frames are the perfect setting for tinted and UV protection lenses.

Whether you're sticking to one favorite era or like to mix and match your moods and outfits you'll find I Love Glasses delivers you all the vintage style you need along with a great value service. Have your choice carefully produced in sunglasses, progressive, bifocals or reading glasses and take advantage of our fast shipping, guaranteed within one day of ordering and with free delivery if your order is over $50.


Those who go downtown Saturday nights, and those who don't. Nothing will be wrong, everything will be right.But Whoe's go and wear eye glasses then they will make a party night to hot and impress someone. Saturday night has come we will party all night. Time to drink champagne and dance on the table. so, to make good Saturday night buy now our great product for Saturday night and get great offer by buying up to 2 glasses.  

Saturday night fever


What sunglasses is Future wearing on Saturday night live when he performed (with guest host Jonah Hill,) on March 5, 2019? We’ve been getting a good amount of request for this question so here it goes.

The future is wearing a pair of Saturday night glasses RETROSUPERFUTURE Tuttolente FLAT TOP sunglasses which are Out. OF. THIS. WORLD. This new collection has been on fire and we’re absolutely in love with this style. Tuttolente means ‘all glass.’
The RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente are made now in US and comes in different sizes

Tips for finding the Perfect Vintage Glasses For Saturday Night Fever

Glasses are an everyday companion, still we can be truly happy to have found a "gadget“ that makes seeing so easy.

I have about minus six dioptres and am thankful every day when I exchange contacts to glasses. I recollect, that without them I could marginally optically discern my own hands. I would be, like so many others, consummately lost without spectacles.

It is quite facile and comfortable to wear contacts every day. Yet I descry, especially in these gelid days, in spring or autumn when pollen fly, that my ocular perceive-rs start to desiccate and tired.

For this reason, I decided some time ago to find my impeccable Saturday night vintage glasses.Saturday night Glasses that would match my everyday life, my style, which is mostly inspired by 1940 fashion– simply to find a comely, authentic pair and at the same time to take a break from contacts.

For us spectacle-wearers they are much more than a pretty appendage, they are a true easement for everyday life. But why shouldn’t they still look extraordinary and unique?

„The 1950s to 1980s are an authentic treasure chest for vintage doters. From butterfly to aviator, from trapeze to cateye – the great variety of shapes can only be exhibited by a cull from all centuries of Saturday night glasses design.“ I Love Glasses.

Such a sublime coincidence that I recently got a mail by I Dote Glasses, asking for a collaboration. The Berlin-predicated shop offers very special, unique glasses –original pieces as well as retro glasses from their own accumulation. They sell them in-store and online and ship internationally.

So this shop is a great inspiration if you are probing for pulchritudinous and authentic glasses to consummate your vintage style! And while I was taking pictures with some of their exemplars I authentically found my own beloved pair.


This post shall give you some tips for finding your next vintage glasses. I had an interview with the experts from I Love Glasses  regarding the impeccable fit, caring about glasses and online shopping.

Finding the right pair

Dear, I dote glasses team, one of the questions that seems most paramount is this: Which shape and color matches which face best for Saturday Night Live?

For a rather rounded, soft facial shape we recommend edged spectacles, they often do give the face marginally more tension. A distinctive face with vigorous lines matches a softer, rounder pair of glasses very well.

The upper edge of the spectacles should not cross the line of the eyebrows. It is best to optate a piece whose form follows the natural shape of the brows. Furthermore, the Saturday Night glasses look especially flattering when the lower edge accentuates the cheekbones. But of course, the model should always match the character of the customer!

The shade could be culled complementary to the ocular perceiver color. A golden frame makes blue ocular perceivers beam. On the contrary, aubergine-colored frames accentuate green ocular perceivers.
How do I ken that a Saturday night frame suits me?

This question is quite arduous to answer. Taste is a matter of cull. And it genuinely depends on the context – where and when someone wears glasses, and with which posture. Do I optate to set a verbal expression with my look, or do I rather relish to appear reserved and unobtrusive?

The photos for this post were munificently taken by Israr. In this picture, I am wearing a frame by Designer Robert. It is one of my favorites of the I Dote Glasses amassment – I dote the delicateness of this piece.
Personally, I relish Saturday Night glasses that don’t detract from my ocular perceivers.

I optate the person vis-à-vis to look into my ocular perceivers while verbalizing with me, and not at my glasses. And, as I just learned in the interview, This golden frame impeccably matches my blue ocular perceivers!

For someone who works in a conservative circumventing sizably voluminous Saturday night glasses are too ocular perceiver-catching, while for another person these are a great fashion verbalization or an excerpt from the1970s and 80s, a time when spectacles were much more astronomically immense.

In general more sizably voluminous Saturday night glasses look akin to an appendage, while more minuscule ones communicate reliability, but can additionally look conservative.
What should I consider when buying a dyad of glasses? Especially in terms of the correct fit, size, stability, glass, and frame?

One should ascertain not to buy the frame too minute because otherwise the allusions could be overstretched.

Something consequential is withal the bridge of the glasses and its width. The bridge defines whether a dyad of glasses fit well. If it's too astronomically immense, the optical center sempiternally changes, which obviates an exact vision.

That is why people with more minute or flat nasal discerners should prefer nasal discerner pads. On the other hand, if a bridge is too tight, it can cause dents on the nasal discerner.

Moreover, the length of the temples is additionally a pertinent theme. The glasses need a good hold on the auditory perceivers to carry the weight of the specs customarily. If the temples are too short, the weight is carried by the nasal perceiver, which again causes dents.

Additionally, the glasses could fall when moving. Too long temples can be abbreviated by the optician.
For high dioptres, glasses with more minute frames composed of acetate are the best ones, for example in a round or oval shape

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