Choose The Perfect Glasses For Your Face

September 18, 2019

Choosing the right pair of perfect glasses can make a huge difference to how good they look, so take some time to decide what shape of frame suits your face best To help you make the decision, here are some handy pointers that will enable you to choose the perfect glasses for your face.


Firstly, it's best to choose a perfect glasses frame shape that contrasts with the shape of your face. So, if you have a round face, you will probably look better with angular or square frames. Conversely, if you have an oblong or square shape of face, choosing a frame with curves makes sense. Secondly, the size of your perfect glasses needs to be in proportion to the size of your face. For example, if you have an oblong-shaped face, you may want to choose a pair of perfect glasses that has the effect of making your face seem shorter. A pair with deeper perfect frames and less width will make sense in cases like this. On the other hand, if you have a shorter face, smaller, narrower frames will make it seem larger. Thirdly, it makes sense to think about color along with proportion and shape. If you have blue eyes, blue frames will complement them nicely. The same applies to hair. Brown or black frames will tend to suit brunettes, while those with blond hair may want to go for transparent or light-toned perfect glasses frames.


perfect sunglasses


If you stick to these rules, you should be able to find the perfect glasses for your facial shape. However, feel free to think outside the box. Everyone is different, and in some cases, you may feel more comfortable with a particular frame shape or size. When you have made your decision, you will find a huge selection of designer frames at We stock perfect glasses that will suit all shapes of face, with plenty of colors and lens sizes. All of them can be made to fit your prescription, so why settle for perfect glasses that don't look right? Find the perfect glasses for your face and you'll be amazed by the difference that it makes.

Are you probing for the impeccable pair of perfect glasses for your face shape?

Whether you have a round, oval or square-shaped face, there’s a dyad out there made just for you! Here’s a guide to avail you find the impeccable frame according to your face shape. Follow the steps below to Choose the perfect glasses for your face.

What is my face shape?
Did you ken that most people transmute their perfect glasses approximately every 2 years? When it’s time to get incipient perfect glasses, you opt ate to ascertain you get the shape right! With so many perfect glasses to opt-ate from, kenning what suits you best can avail in bringing out your unique facial contours.
Many people transmute their perfect glasses so seldom because of the expected cost in many retail locations. And lens manufacturers feature products can sometimes break the thousand-dollar barrier- no wonder most people endeavor to get the most wear out of each pair of perfect glasses they purchase!
This withal can designate it may be a sumptuous proposition to opt-ate a frame that’s a little out of your “comfort zone”. With our Endeavor On View you can commence to visually perceive how that frame may look on you when it arrives and regardless, our 14-day exchange/return policy gives you tranquility of mind should the perfect glasses arrive and not be everything you’d hoped.
What is my face shape?
To cull congruous, you first need to identify your facial features. There are 5 main categories of face shapes:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval
    To assess your facial structure keep reading but recollect that this is a guide, not a rule-book- if you like the look of a frame on yourself, own it! Making your own style rules can be a frolicsome and expressive way to show your personality and spirit.
    If you’re probing for assistance to achieve a classically resplendent pair for your face shape, however, read on for our tips on assessing your face and culling a frame that will accentuate the advantages you were born with!
perfect glasses for your face

To find your face shape you can utilize a couple of different methods:

Ask a friend or family member for their opinion.
Trace your face shape with a bar of soap, dry expunge marker or some lipstick in the mirror. The shape you optically discern on the mirror should resemble one of the four most mundane face shapes.
Look in the mirror and note the widest part(s) of your face (forehead, cheeks, or jawline).
If your forehead is the widest part of your face and the width tapers towards your chin, you likely have an oval face shape. This is especially true if your face is long and you have a rounder chin.
If your cheekbones are the widest point of your face and the length and width of your face is about equivalent, you have a round face.or we have a perfect glasses for round face shape.
If your jaw is the widest part of your face, check the shape of your jaw – if it’s rounded, that customarily betokens a round face. If your chin is more pointed, that designates a heart face or triangle-shaped face. (If you have a widow’s peak and a pointy chin, you likely have a heart-shaped face.)
If all three points are approximately equal in width and your face is shorter, you have a square face.


There are EIGHT RUDIMENT face shapes (these apply to both men and women).

  1. Oval - Marginally wide cheekbones with proximate symmetrical narrowing at the forehead and jawline.
  2. Round - Wide cheekbones and facial features that are rounded at the forehead and jawline.

  3. Rectangle - Relatively straight angles along the full face, with very marginal narrowing at the forehead and jawline.

  4. Diamond - Angular features that are wide at the cheekbones and quite narrow at both the chin and forehead.
  5. Triangle - Relatively narrow forehead with scarcely wider cheekbones, and significantly wider chin.

  6. Oblong - The oblong face shape is very kindred to oval-shaped faces, except that the forehead inclines to be remotely wider and the chin marginally narrower on oblong-shaped faces.

  7. Square - Vigorous angular lines with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline being kindred in width, and the chin is relatively wide as well.
  8. Heart - Very akin to the inverted triangle-shaped face, but with a marginally wider forehead, scarcely narrower cheekbones, and a pointy chin.



There are many things to consider when culling incipient eyeglasses, such as personality, skin, and hair tones, and, of course, your ocular perceiver color.
Glasses can either complement or match ocular perceiver color with frames that draw attention to your ocular perceivers and make them authentic stand-out.
From classic ebony, wire-rimmed and tortoiseshell frames, to brightly-colored and patterned designs, you'll find something you dote at iloveglasses. We have attractively-priced glasses, congruous for all ages, which accumulate high-quality frames with lenses expertly tailored to your prescription.
Our facile-to-use website lets you put together the impeccable pair of glasses for your ocular perceiver color in just a few minutes.

perfect glasses for me


Eye color falls into four main categories: blue, green, brown and hazel. Whether your blue ocular perceivers are an effulgent, welkin shade, or a smokier gray, brown or tortoiseshell frames are flattering and make your ocular perceiver color pop out.
iloveglasses have a range of brown glasses from caramel and honey shades, to dark ebony-brown colors, so you're sure to find something you dote. Blue ocular perceivers are withal flattered by deep blue and green frames, silvery rims, and funky arms.

To make pretty green ocular perceivers authentically shine out, optate from our iloveglasses palette of green or purple glasses. Brown ocular perceivers are facile to style, working well with most types and shades of frames.

To genuinely accentuate them, look for delicate pastel shades, such as lavender and pink, or pick rimless frames that victoriously triumphed't take attention away from your ocular perceivers.

Hazel ocular perceivers commix dark brown with alluring flecks of gold, so genuinely draw these out with deep green lenses, or pick frames with physically contacts of orange, gold-rimmed styles, or classic tortoiseshells.

perfect eyeglasses


Whatever your eye color, you'll have fun picking flattering frames from iloveglasses. We make all of our frames and lenses, guaranteeing you great quality and attractive prices, with the benefits of online ordering and fast, one-day shipping. Even more attractive is our offer of free shipping when you place an order for over $50

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